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Red Check MarkFree from debt

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Red Check MarkAllows you to create your own schedule

Red Check MarkGive you more time with your family

Red Check MarkProvides you with endless income opportunities

All of those things (and SO much more) are possible when you create a business that works for YOU!



  • Are you tired of feeling like your business will never be successful?
  • Do you feel like you have “tried everything” but the clients still aren’t booking?
  • Tired of attracting clients that don’t value you or your work?
  • Feeling overwhelmed with all the “work” you have to do?
  • Is your marketing plan not being in new clients?


Are you ready to TRANSFORM your business?


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I’m Kendra Swalls – owner of Paisley Layne Photography & founder of La Bella Vie


10411829_10152669921186587_2765524184046276649_nI started my photography business in 2011 with a passion for photography and very little business skills.

During my first few years in business I thought that taking “pretty pictures” was all I needed in order to create a successful and sought after business. I spent every penny I had on expensive presets, editing classes and shooting courses. My images improved greatly, but my business was still lacking.

It wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I realized in order to create a business that does more than just exist, I needed a better understanding of how to really run a business.

I signed up for mentoring sessions with top photographers, joined a mastermind group and starting putting my hard earned money towards learning how to run my  business. I learned more in those courses and sessions than I ever could have imagined.

I revamped my business model and my business took off! I was booking sessions months, even years, in advance. I was gaining clients that I loved working with and I finally felt like I was in control of my business.

I began mentoring other photographers and watched their businesses start to take off as well. I love helping others and teaching is part of who I am.

If you are tired of having a business that just EXISTS instead of a business that THRIVES.

If you are ready to TRANSFORM your business

If you are feeling FRUSTRATED and ready for a CHANGE

Then La Bella Vie is the place for you!


Make 2016 the year you create YOUR Beautiful Life!


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Create your beautiful life

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